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Some unsolicited comments from users of the ProLog Logging System.

"Thanks for a great product!"

"I am really enjoying this program!"

"Thank you so much. Hamming has never been so much fun!"

"Thanks for your help; fantastic Tech Support!

"I Love the Program!"

"I am really impressed with ProLog. The menu is extremely user friendly and easy to figure out.

"Great Job! and thanks for hanging in there with me."

"I am really impressed with ProLog. The menu is extremely  user friendly and it did not take much to figure it out."

"Great Job! and thanks for hanging in there with me."

"Great Job Ed, The Dymo Label Printer works great!"

"Ed, I haven't had much time to play with V3.60 but from what I have.....I'M IMPRESSED! Keep up the good work."

"Recently purchased ProLog2K, this bloody thing is marvelous!!"

"This software is as good as any I have used by Microsoft, so you guys should be proud. You also should be proud of the documentation; I know it took a lot of   work and is very helpful and well organized."<

"Many thanks for a good product and support."

"I've reviewed a lot of logging programs lately and I am very impressed with ProLog2K."

"This is one of the best programs I have ever used and I would recommend it to anyone."

"I feel like I am now in control. I wish I had it in the beginning....It is wonderful. Thanks for everything, dinner on me if you hit Memphis."

"I seldom ever see good software that really does what it says, but after buying ProLog2K and the rig interface for my IC-746, I found this software does 100% of   what is make a long story short I LOVE it!"

"The ProLog Logging Program is the best-in-class; I would not consider operating without it."

"This is a very powerful, versatile logger with all the "Bells and Whistles".

"I've been extremely pleased with the ease of use and all the capabilities of this product."

"The MixW interface alone is more worth the price of the upgrade."

"By far Prolog2K is the best yet and it's a keeper for me."

"The interface to MixW works flawlessly; tried others with little or no success."

"Smooth easy to use interface with HamCAll on the hard disk and control of TS-850 rig."

"Never seen a better one!"

"Working the Log during a QSO is simple and enhances the radio experience. This is great!"

"QSL Tracking is great! The matrices and stats provided are more than adequate."

"Works flawlessly and intuitively and has an extremely comprehensive QSL Route Database."

"If Prolog2K were a movie, I would give it two thumbs up!"

"Great Program, one of the best that I have ever tested."

"My only regret about ProLog2K is that I did not purchase this program sooner."

"Great for setting up special award tracking, like the FISTS CW Club Awards."

"Prolog2K has all of the features avid DX-ers might wish for."

"I have tried many of the well-known programs and I find ProLog2K is by far the best for my style of operating DX on the HF bands."

"Does it all, no complaints."

"The Awards tracking is fantastic! Great Visual cues while working the bands. The colors tell the story."


Contact Information
Tech Support and FAX -- 1-505-892-5669
Postal Address -- 5560 Jackson Loop NE -- Rio Rancho, NM 87144
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