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Note: Prolog no longer uses floppys disk for installation. The question below is included for users that continue to use earlier versions of the program. Topic: Initial installation Of ProLog2K

Topic: Initial installation Of ProLog2K

I have a laptop that does not permit me to have both the CDROM and Disk drive installed at the same time. When the installation of ProLog2K has completed, it requests that I insert my User Validation Diskette to complete the installation. How do I complete the installation without the Floppy Disk installed?

When the installation is complete, close the window that is requesting the User Validation diskette, then power down, insert the floppy disk drive, then re-start the system. Next, click on "Start" then "Run" and enter the following command string: "x:\prolog\prolog2k\setup /v" where 'x' is the drive letter where ProLog2K is installed. This will launch the ProLog2K Installation Manager; a window will be displayed requesting the operation to be performed. Click on the radio-button adjacent to the "Update Licensee Information" entry then click "OK". You will be prompted to insert your User Validation Diskette; do so, then click on "OK". The User Validation information will be transferred, and then your licensee information will be displayed. Click "OK", then startup ProLog2K.