ProLog-V8 Features Overview

PLUS all of the convenient operational features you have come to expect with Prolog:

Computer System Requirements

The ProLog system is supplied on a single CDROM and will run under Windows 2000/NT/XP/Vista (32-64) and Win-7 (32-64). The optional QSL Route Database requires 15 MB of hard disk space and the optional CallMaster database requires an additional 150 MB. A Logbook containing 5000 contacts and award files will occupy an additional 10 MB of hard disk space. If you intend to run both rig control and rotor control you will require two dedicated serial or USB ports. As most transceivers and rotor controllers utilize a standard RS-232C interface, and given the fact that most of today's modern computers utilize only USB ports, will necessitate the use of a USB to Serial Converter.



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Computer System Requirements

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