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Datamatix now offers a free 30 day trial version of the ProLog-V8 Logging system. The demo is full-featured with unrestricted functionality. Once installed, each time ProLog is launched, you will be given the opportunity to purchase the Full-Use-License.

ProLog is extremely easy to use and you can begin entering contacts almost immediately with close-to-zero knowledge of the user interface. In its most basic mode of operation, simply enter a call sign, hit the "Enter" key, and ProLog will automatically populate the logging form data fields and convey the award status via the Red-Yellow-Green (Traffic Signaling) status boxes . Next, click the "Save" pushbutton which commands ProLog to place the contact data into the logbook database while also updating your overall award statistics based on the contact information (DXCC, State, County, Continent, CQ Zone, ITU Zone etc.). As a final operation, ProLog will clear the logging form in preparation for entering your next contact.














The ProLog Logging System is extremely versatile, and should you elect to delve into its more advanced features, as with anything new, there will be a learning curve. To assist you with this, Prolog includes an extensive help file that thoroughly details each of ProLog's many operational functions. Once you have installed and launched the ProLog demo, left-click the "Help" entry at the top of the logging form,  then left-click "Using the Help File" menu entry. From there you can view the Help File index, or search for specific help topics using keyword searches.

Also, for accelerated help, ProLog provides context sensitive help in the form of a special question mark ICON located in the lower right hand corner of the main logging form. Simply left-click that ICON, which will change the standard arrow cursor to a question mark. Next, position the question mark cursor over a data field, radio-button or checkbox, then left click, and the help file topic associated with that data field or control will be displayed.

We want you to enjoy your Prolog trial period.  Should you have any questions about the installation or operation of Prolog, feel free to call us at 505-892-5669 or email us at

Below are details on downloading, installing, and initializing your ProLog-V8 demo program.



Downloading the ProLog-V8 Demo

Based on the browser you are using (Usually Internet Explorer,  FireFox, Chrome or Windows-10 Edge) the process of downloading the demo file is somewhat different.

Mozilla FireFox

Click the "Download ProLog-V8 Demo"  pushbutton.  Firefox will open a window containing a "Save" button. Click that button and the Demo Installation file will automatically be directed to the "Downloads" folder on your primary hard drive.  Although it may be displayed, DO NOT launch the ProLog Installation program from the FireFox download Arrow.

Internet Explorer

Click the "Download ProLog-V8 Demo" pushbutton. Internet Explorer will open a window that contains a "Save" button with a pull-down arrow. Click the pull-down arrow, then left-click the "Save As" menu entry. When the Windows Explorer or the Win-10 File Explorer window is displayed, navigate to and open the "Downloads" folder, then click the "Save" pushbutton.

Google Chrome

Click the "Download ProLog-V8 Demo" pushbutton. Chrome will immediately begin downloading displaying the download progress in a window in the lower left hand corner of the main window. Once the download has completed, because the self-extracting file has a suffix of ".exe" Chrome may issue an error message giving you the option to discard the file. We want to emphasize at this point that all of our installation files are virus-checked and are guaranteed to be safe for storage and execution.  To the right of the "Discard" button is a pull-down arrow, left-click on it, then left click the "Keep" Menu selection.  The file name will appear in the taskbar at the bottom of the Chrome window together with another pull-down arrow. Left-click on this pull-down arrow, then left-click the "Show In Folder" menu entry.

Windows-10 Edge:

Click the "Download ProLog-V8 Demo" pushbutton. Edge will immediately commence downloading the file into your local "Downloads" folder displaying a download progress window in the lower portion of the Edge main window. Once the download is complete, because the self-extracting file is of type "exe", Edge will display the warning message "This file is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer". We want to emphasize at this point that all of our installation files are virus-checked and are guaranteed to be safe for storage and execution. Close the warning message window by clicking the 'X' in the upper right hand corner, then minimize the Edge browser window.

We Suggest that you print out this webpage, and use it as a step-by-step installation reference.

Download ProLog-V8 Demo

Installing the ProLog-V8 Demo

Regardless of the browser used to download the Demonstration Installation Package (IPACK), your local "Downloads" folder will contain a file named "ProLogV8402 Demo Installation.exe". This file is formatted as a WinZip™ self-extracting file that contains an integrated installation program. NOTE:  If it is your intent to install the ProLog Demo on to an external hard disk or flash drive, you must manually create both a "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" folder on the external media prior to commencing the installation process.

NOTE: If you are running File Explorer under Windows-10 the warning message "Windows Protected your PC" will be displayed along with a "Don't run" pushbutton. Again, all of our installation files are virus-checked and are guaranteed to be safe for execution. Within the warning window left-click the "More Info" statement which will display a "Run Anyway" pushbutton. Left-click the "Run Anyway" pushbutton.

To begin, locate the "ProLogV8402 Demo Installation.exe" IPACK file in your local "Downloads" folder, then right-click on the filename, and left-click the "Run as Administrator" menu entry. If you receive a message from Windows User Account Control (UAC), asking for your permission to run the file click the "Yes" button. Once launched, the following window will be displayed.

Clicking "OK" will display the following window:

Clicking "OK" will display the following window:

Clicking "Unzip" will display the following window:

The message window above indicates that the files that comprise the ProLog demo IPACK have been successfully extracted and placed into a folder named "ProLog-V8 Install" which has been created in your "Downloads" folder. The unzipped file count may vary based on the  IPACK content.

Clicking "OK" in the message window above will display the following window.

Click the "Yes" button to continue with the installation of Prolog-V8. The first window displayed will request your user information. As the opening statement of this window explains, the information supplied will remain private and not be transmitted to any recipient including DataMatrix. The only time it will be conveyed, will be if you elect to purchase the Prolog License. Please be as accurate as possible when filling out this form, as the information therein will be used to create your Full-Use-License should you elect to purchase it.

When you have filled out the demo license form, click the "Apply" button. If there are any required data fields where information is missing, an error message will be displayed requesting that you enter the information for that data field. Once the form has been completely filled out and saved, the following window will be displayed.

Place your callsign into the first field then pull-down and select the disk volume where you wish to install the Prolog-V8 Demo System. Remember, if the system is being installed on any other drive volume other than your primary hard drive, (normally 'C:') you must create a "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" folder on that media.  Select the "Install on Volume" drive letter, then click the "OK" button.

A banner window will be displayed containing the ProLog Logo and a message that your ProLog Logging System is being built. Under this banner will be a series of windows that will randomly open-and-close. Each of these windows, is creating the folder structures and extracting the IPACK files that will result in a fully functional ProLog-V8 logging system. The ProLog demo system will be installed into either your "Program Files" folder for 32 bit machines and Windows-XP, or the "Program Files (x86) folder for 64 bit machines regardless of the Operating System (Win 7 and up).

Be patient, depending on your system hardware the installation may take a few minutes. Note: you may see within the caption bar of the banner window, the message "(Not Responding)", this is normal and will not effect the installation of your ProLog Demo System; let the installation process continue. Once the ProLog demo system has been installed, the following message window will be displayed.

Click "Yes" and Prolog will install two shortcuts on your Desktop. One will be used to launch the ProLog-V8 system, while the other will launch the Prolog Updater Program (PUP). These desktop ICON's will appear as:

For ProLog-V8 to function properly, it must have full access to system resources. That said, ProLog must be launched with Administrator Privileges. This necessitates that the two desktop shortcut ICON's shown above be set accordingly. For those users not familiar with this procedure, following the installation of the ProLog-V8 demo, the installation program will conveniently display the window shown below which contains step-by-step instructions to establish administrator rights for each of your desktop ProLog shortcuts.

As stated in the 3rd paragraph, you may leave this window open as a guide while you perform the procedures outlined in steps 1 through 9. Once you have completed these steps on both of your ProLog desktop shortcuts, click "OK" to close the window which will return you back to your desktop. Left-double-click the "ProLog-V8 System" shortcut which will launch ProLog-V8 commencing your 31 day demo period. 

NOTE: Given the number of different video cards, screen resolution, font settings and monitors, your initial launch of ProLog may display windows that may be oversized or undersized.  All of Prolog's display windows are sizeable in both directions. To size a ProLog window, simply hover your cursor over the horizontal or vertical window edge of the window until the cursor turns to a double arrow, then left-click and drag in the desired to direction. Once the window sizes and/or positions have been established, the settings are retained by the ProLog system. From thereon, whenever ProLog is launched, any windows that were displayed when ProLog was last shutdown, will be positioned and sized exactly as they were in the previous session.

The first time you launch your ProLog demo the following window will be displayed:

It is important, for accurate bearing and distance information, that you enter your QTH Latitude and Longitude coordinates into the ProLog system. To do this, locate and left-click the "Edit" menu in the upper left hand corner of the main entry window, then left-click "Configurations" (2nd Menu Entry) then "QTH Information" (2nd Menu Entry). Under "QTH Computational Coordinates" click the appropriate quadrant, them enter your exact Latitude and longitude information. Once that information has been entered, click "OK, then confirm that you want to save the data to the system. Finally, close the "Configurations" window to return the main entry form. 

Each time you launch ProLog, the window shown below will be displayed.  At any time during the trial period you may elect to purchase the ProLog standard license for the nominal amount of $60.00. This price also includes free downloads of any program updates that we may release over the lifetime of the ProLog-V8 product. Existing customers are given special reduced pricing should we announce a major release of the ProLog product. In fact, if we do make a major release of a new product and you have purchased your license within the past 90 days you will be entitled to the new product at no charge.

Clicking "Yes" on the window below will display a window containing instructions on how to purchase your Full-Use-License.

After your demo period has expired, launching ProLog will display the message shown below. Any contacts you have logged-to-date will remain intact, however to continue to use Prolog you must become a registered user of the program. That is, you must elevate your demo license to a standard Full-Use-License. Clicking "Yes" on the expiration message window will display a series of steps with a "Purchase" button that will take you directly to the ProLog secure-order-form. Because the license is delivered digitally, Shipping and Handling fees are not required. If you click the "No" button on the demo period expiration message, ProLog will immediately exit returning you to the desktop.

IMPORTANT OPERATIONAL NOTE: It has come to our attention that some antivirus programs may block or interfere with the installation of the ProLog-V8 demo program. This is especially true of antivirus programs that utilize real-time-monitoring. If you encounter installation issues you may have to temporarily disable your antivirus program prior to launching the ProLog-V8 installation program.  We know for a fact that recent updates of the McAfee anit-virus program have interfered with the operation of ProLog while it has been performing certain operations. If you are using the McAfee antivirus program, you should add ProLog to their Real-Time-Scanning list of Trusted Programs.  In general, if you are using an antivirus program that maintains a list of trusted programs", we strongly suggest that you add the ProLog program to that list. This will ensure that the ProLog program can run unmonitored and is thus able to provide you with its full range of advanced features.

Importing Logbooks from Previous Versions of ProLog

If you are current ProLog customer using an earlier version of ProLog, you must accomplish a Logbook Conversion Operation. To do this, after you have launched your demo version of ProLog, at the top of the main entry form left-click on “File”, then left-click the “Logbook Menu” menu entry. The first logbook entry in the menu should display your callsign and be selected by default. Next, in the right side button cluster left-click the “Convert Logbook” push-button, which will produce a WindowsDirectory Dialog Box. Navigate to, and open, the logbook folder that contains the LOG.DBA file to be converted, then double-click on the LOG.DBA filename. ProLog will display a conversion operation confirmation message; click “Yes” to commence the logbook conversion operation.

During the logbook conversion operation, progress percentages will be displayed in the two panels below the “Re-index Logbook” command pushbutton. When the conversion operation has finished, a completion message will be displayed. A final window will be displayed showing the QSO count, the General Award count, and the count of contacts that were marked for deletion; click “OK” to close this window. If you have other logbooks to convert, select an empty logbook, then left-click the “Create Logbook” command pushbutton, enter a title, then click “OK”,  Next, click the “Convert Logbook” command pushbutton and repeat the steps outlined in the preceding paragraph.

We Suggest that you print out this webpage, and use it as a step-by-step installation reference.

Download ProLog-V8 Demo

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