QSL Route Database Subscription Service


QSL Route Database Update Subscription with 6 monthly updates
( Internet Download )

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Tech Support and FAX -- 1-505-892-5669
Postal Address -- 5560 Jackson Loop NE -- Rio Rancho, NM 87144
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Keep your QSL Route Database up-to-date by subscribing to our database update service. Our extensive list of contributors spend a considerable amount of time on the bands gathering new and updated QSL route information.

Our network of contributors submit their changes monthly. Every month DataMatrix provides a compilation of the latest changes and new routes. Updates are delivered by quick internet download. When the update file is placed into the ProLog database directory the information therein will be integrated into your existing QSL Route Database. Note the word "integrated"; we do not send you a complete new database. The update file consists of a series of records that reflect only the latest changes and additions since the last update file was generated and they are merged into your existing database.

Prolog has two methods of updating your database: Automatic or Manual.  In Automatic mode, ProLog updates your database without any human intervention (other than Write Protected records) whereas in Manual mode, every record requires a manual entry to accept or skip the update record. With these options, you are always in control of how your database is updated.

The information stored into your database is date-sensitive. If ProLog finds a matching record in your database with a date that is more recent than the update record, your original record will be retained. Also, any personal entries that you may have made are not overwritten by the update. Your database is, in every sense of the word, "Updated", not overwritten.

ProLog also has a feature whereby you may Write Protect certain records in the database. When the update file contains a record the corresponds to an existing record that is Write Protected, an overwrite confirmation message is issued and you can select to overwrite your record or skip it and retain your existing record.