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The ProLog QSL Route Management system database is an option that you can order with a new, or add onto an existing, ProLog Logging System. The database currently contains in excess of 114,000 QSL routes, and is utilized by individuals as well as DX and QSL route service nets worldwide. The ProLog QSL Route Management system has received accolades for its ease of use and accuracy of the information provided. The database is kept up-to-date by an extensive list of contributors, all of whom spend a considerable amount of time on the bands gathering new and updated QSL route information. These additions and changes are distributed to those customers who subscribe to our bi-monthly database update Subscription Service.

Features Overview

Display Formats

The Forms Mode window shown below consists of two data panels, the Primary Information and "Is Via" Linked Information. At the top of the Primary panel are a series of fields that list the Route, QSL Manager, Information Date, Source of the Data, Email Address, Website, whether IRC's or Green-Stamps have been requested by the Manager or DX Station and an LoTW LED to indicate if the station uses LoTW.

The "Info 1" panel contains detailed information on the requested station, such as dates of operation, QTH or direct mailing address. The "Info 2" panel displays additional information relative to a given station. If the DX Station has a QSL Manager the Manager's address will appear in the "Is Via Linked" Panel.

At the bottom of the window are the various QSL Database operational pushbuttons.
Clicking on the "List" pushbutton changes the display from forms mode to a columnar line-by-line display for easy browsing and global searching of the QSL Route database.

Callbook Database Support
ProLog supports all of the major CD-ROM callbook databases including: our own CallMaster, the Flying Horse, Buckmaster, SAM and QRZ callbooks. Simply enter the callsign into the "Call" field of the Primary Information panel and click on the "CallMaster", "QRZ" or "Aux QSL" pushbuttons. A pop-up window will open displaying the Name, Address, License Class, Previous Call and DOB (If available) of the licensee. With an additional click, you can print out an address label or transfer the information to the "Primary Information" panel for editing and/or storage to the QSL route database.

Prefix Editor
The ProLog Prefix Editor utility makes it easy to add or modify your DXCC Prefix Database whenever existing prefixes are deactivated or new ones added. You can easily associate special prefixes with an established DXCC prefix. Just startup the editor, search for the DXCC prefix then add the associated prefix to the table. There are no limits to the number of associated prefixes that can be linked to a given DXCC prefix.

Secondary Indexing
ProLog indexes the QSL Route database in various ways. For example, we have a comprehensive list of all the foreign and domestic QSL bureau addresses. Each of these entries is tagged with the label "BUROADDR" in the "IS VIA" field. To select from a bureau list, simply click in the "IS VIA" field and enter the word "BUROADDR" and depress the ENTER key. A window will be displayed showing all of the "BUROADDR" records in the database using the format "BURO/PY", "BURO/I", "BURO/VK", etc. Simply double click on the bureau of interest and the information for that bureau will be expanded into another popup window. ProLog has other database categories such as "PIRATES" , CLUBSTATION", "INFO" and more.

There may be times when you will want to display a list of stations that are handled by a specific QSL Manager. The "Mutual List" button permits you to enter a callsign that will be associated with either the "Call" or the "Is Via" field. To generate a list of stations a particular Manager manages, enter the Manager's callsign in the "Is Via" field, press ENTER twice and all route records that are routed via that station will be displayed. Below is a list of stations managed by EA4URE. Clicking on any of these calls will display "Primary Information" panel for that call.

hown below is a screenshot of the ProLog Bureau list and an expansion of the selected "BURO/G" entry. Use of the "Edit Route" pushbutton transfers the data back to the form window for editing.

Contact Information
Tech Support and FAX -- 1-505-892-5669
Postal Address -- 5560 Jackson Loop NE -- Rio Rancho, NM 87144
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