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CallMaster Callbook Update Subscription with 6 monthly updates
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The DataMatrix CallMaster callbook is an operating convenience tool that seamlessly integrates with the ProLog Logging System. Quite importantly, because CallMaster is a local database it does not require an Internet connection to access the operator information and as such, the transfer of data is instantaneous. So, if you are experiencing internet latency or your internet provider is down or your callsign provider is overwhelmed with users, you can continue to enjoy the convenience of instant access to the information you need to fill out the important data fields of your logging form.  

CallMaster is divided into three segments, U.S., Canadian and DX. The U.S. and Canadian segments are a complete up-to-date listing of every ham radio operator in the U.S. and Canada.  The DX segment is quite comprehensive and includes names and addresses along with a station's QSL Manager should they have one.  Did you ever wonder whether an operator is an LoTW member?  The CallMaster database along with our free LoTW database will advise you instantly if the contacted station uses LoTW via a simple "Y/N" field.

Want more?  Every U.S. and Canadian record and almost 700,000 DX records contain the longitude and latitude of the station based upon their address postal code and where. Additionally, CallMaster has a map function that, with an internet connection, allows you to map U.S. and Canadian stations through Google Maps. Each and every record is checked and where possible, is formatted according to the Universal Postal Union standards for each country and a properly formatted label can be printed directly from CallMaster .  And, every month DataMatrix provides an update compilation of the latest changes. The update files are delivered by quick internet download.

To ensure that your U.S./Canadian and DX database segments remain current with the latest callsign and address changes, DataMatrix includes with your purchase a 6 month subscription to our CallMaster update service. The CallMaster subscription service consists of a master file plus 6 update files that are posted monthly. After installing CallMaster, check our website for an update file (generally posted on or about the last Sunday of each month) and download it. To see if an update is available, simply click the "Updates?" button in ProLog to compare what is installed on your computer vs. what is available on our download page.  Installation is a snap using the ProLog Update Program (PUP). And when your subscription expires, simply renew via our website and receive a new master copy, together with a new series of 6 updates.