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Each DX Spot is comprised of two lines. The first line contains the actual DX Spot information and the second line indicates the award status for that specific entity.  The first line of the spot, from left to right, displays the spotting station, the frequency, the spotted station, comments and the time spotted.

The second line of the spot (Status Line) contains the DXCC prefix which is preceded by one of three strings.  "MXQ" designates that the status colors are based on Standard QSL's,  "MXE" designates that your eQSL Status was used and  "MXB"  designates that both methods were used to determine the status coloring.  This line also indicates via the ProLog Traffic Light color system your worked/confirmed status of that entity by mode (PHN, CW and RTTY) on the band being spotted and your overall worked/confirmed status for this entity for WAC, CQ Zone and ITU Zone. 

Some spots contain "LoTW" at the end of the spot line.  As ProLog receives each spot, it passes the call through the LoTW member database and if the station is registered, an "LoTW" string is placed at the end of the spot line.  If you are a member of LoTW this is an important piece of information because it lets you know even before you work the station that you'll be able to confirm the contact via the LoTW system.

The buttons along the bottom of the window allow you to check detailed DXCC, WAC, CQZ and ITUZ statistics for the spotted station or, if you have rig control enabled, quickly QSY to the spotted station's frequency and select the proper mode by clicking SSB, CW or RTTY.  Quite often, upon QSYing you find you can't hear the spotted station.  Click the Return button to QSY back to the frequency and mode you were using immediately before QSYing to the spot.

Should you find the DX Spot window is too large or small, you can toggle between a 6-line display and a 24-line display with the 6/24 button.

There are sorting and priortizing selections available by the Sort By and Priortize buttons.  You can sort the list by Date/Time, Band, Mode, Spotted call, Spotting (origin) call, DXCC entity, Continent, CQ zone or ITU zone.  Priortize allows you to priortize the list by DXCC entity, Continent, CQ zone, ITU zone, Phone, CW, RTTY or LOTW.  When you select one of these prioritization topics and click Begin, ProLog will order the list according to need.  That is, all of the "Not Worked" in Red will be grouped at the top of the list, followed by the "Worked-No-QSL" in Yellow followed by "Worked-and-Confirmed" in Green for the selected priorty.  Below this will be the spots that for one reason or another could not be properly categorized

Using the QSL/eQSL/Both ratio-buttons you can change the Traffic Light color system to reflect status for that particular QSL method.

Lastly, you can look up the spotted or spotting station in CallMaster (or QRZ On-line if you have a QRZ subscription) by using the "Spot L/U" or "de L/U" buttons.


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