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The Specific Field Index filter is an extremely powerful tool that allows you to create lists of contacts from your logbook based on one or more arguments.  Access to the SFI is via the Specific Field Index Menu accessible from the primary logging form.  Using the menu shown above, the user selects the field that will be used to determine the order of the list.  Additionally, the user can enter data into a field, select that field from the SFI menu list and produce a list of contacts that only have that data in it.  For instance, should you wish to see a list of contacts with operators named "Bob", one would enter "Bob" in the Name field of the primary logging form, select Name in the SFI menu list and produce a list of contacts with everyone named Bob.  That said, after selecting the field you wish to index the list by from the SFI menu list, the Specific Field Index Filter window is opened whereby you can select additional filter parameters.  The SFI Filter is an extremely powerful tool.

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