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The QSL/eQSL panel is where the user enters QSL and/or eQSL sent and received information.  The top portion is for paper QSL's and one can select the routing method used to send a QSL (Direct, Bureau or Manager) along with the date sent.  If the contact has a QSL manager, you can enter it in the Manager field or, if you have installed the optional ProLog QSL Route Database, this field will be automatically populated from that database when the contact is saved.  The status of a received QSL is noted as Received, Submitted (for award) or Accepted (for award) along with the date of the displayed status.

The lower portion is used for eQSL's, usually LOTW.  The check box to the left of EQSLs is used to denote that the contact has been uploaded to LOTW along with the date immediately below.  The R and C radio-buttons are used to denote the LOTW status where R indicates the contact has been matched in the LOTWREPORT.ADI file downloaded from LOTW and C indicates that after purchasing LOTW credits, this contact was used for award confirmation.

The Label check box is used to print QSL labels.  When you enter a contact, should you wish to print a QSL label at a later date, check the label check box and at such time you decide to print labels, ProLog will print labels for each contact that has the label checkmark set.  Upon finishing the print process, the checkmark is cleared.

The QSL D/B button opens the optional ProLog QSL Route Manager database if installed.  The QSL Route database is a highly detailed database with over 114,000 QSL routes.  DataMatrix supplies a subscription based update program that updates your database on a bi-monthly basis with the latest QSL route information.

The Select and Image buttons allow the user to link an image file (QSL, operator photo, etc.) to a particular contact.  The Select button is used to browse and attach an image file.  Once attached, the Image button becomes active and allows you to view the image at anytime by clicking the Image button.


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