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With the optional IOTA database, ProLog will automatically track that award too.  The Award Status Panel immediately displays award status for the IOTA of the contact displayed in the Primary Logging Form for the particular band and mode displayed at the top of the Award Status Panel. 

The "Traffic Light" coloring system allows the user to note worked/confirmation status of the IOTA displayed in the logging form at a glance.  The color system is completely customizable and clicking the List button opens the QSL/eQSL Award Status Color Definitions window in case you forget what a particular color denotes.  The colored field displaying the IOTA designation indicates the overall status for that entity while the "B" and "M" fields show the overall status for the particular Band or Mode displayed at the top of the Award Status Panel.

Double-clicking on the displayed IOTA designation opens the IOTA Detailed Information window which contains the island group name, an abbreviated list of included islands, the group latitude and longitude, the short and long path beam heading from your station PLUS the return short and long path beam heading and distance.

Clicking the IOTA button immediately to the left of the colored field in the Award Status Information panel opens the Detailed IOTA Award window from which you can see total award counts and overall status for the displayed IOTA.  From this window more detailed information and statistics are available.  Worked or confirmation status can be sorted by QSL, eQSL or a combination of Both at the click of a radio-button. 



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