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In an effort to reduce wear and tear on your antenna rotor, ProLog allows the you to see what entities lie along the same beam heading.  Most HF directional antennas have an approximately 30 degree beamwidth at the -3db point and in general, it is unnecessary to rotate the antenna to work any entity lying within this beamwidth.  Therefore, upon entering a call in the logging form, the user can click the Common button in the Bearing and Country Information panel and open the Common Bearing Information window.  This window lists those entities along the Short Path heading in the left panel in blue and those entites along the Long Path heading in the right panel in red. 

The user can widen or narrow the beamwidth in the Differential field and enter a heading manually in the Bearing field.  You can also select whether or not you want to include US states in the list.  By default US states are not listed as they can clutter the list excessively.  Any changes to these fields will be updated in the list when you click the List button.


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