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For its complexity, ProLog-V8 is an amazingly stable software package. However, if you are experiencing what you believe to be a bug in the operation of the ProLog-V8 system, we want to know about it. 

Please describe in as much detail as possible exactly what difficulties you are experiencing. Bugs that are reproducible, that is, you can cause the bug to occur repeatedly, are the easiest to find and fix. If  this is the case, provide the exact series of steps (mouse clicks, keystrokes etc.) required to cause the bug to occur.

Bugs that are random in nature are of course are the hardest to track down and fix. If you are experiencing this type of bug, please provide as much detail as possible and we will try to reproduce the problem.

Please understand, that attempting to fix a bug, especially a complicated one, using back-and-forth emails, can be a very time consuming process. Questions and ambiguities arise that further complicate the understanding and correction of the problem. When we determine that this situation exists, we will request that you call our Tech Support line at (505)-892-5669 to clarify and discuss the problem.

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Tech Support and FAX -- 1-505-892-5669
Postal Address -- 5560 Jackson Loop NE -- Rio Rancho, NM 87144
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